CEO Message

CEO Nur says “We have delivered good all-round performance with competitive growth improving increase in volumes in Q2, and substantially increased margins, earnings and cash flow. That puts us well on track to deliver towards the strategic objectives set out for 2020 and demonstrates the progress we have made in transforming Ileys into a more resilient and agile business.

With the implementation of more agile, consumer – facing organization, we are seeing quality & speed of innovation further improve. Our priorities in 2018 are to grow markets ahead of our markets.  We are already exporting to Djibouti and Ethiopia.  We are looking for new business avenues mainly in Eritrea, Yemen, Kenya, Tanzania and Uganda.  We expect our volumes to grow significantly by the year end 2018 by making inroads in the emerging/newer markets “.

Last year was very successful year for Ileys Enterprises. We have fostered a strong customer base not only in Somaliland but in other countries as well.  We imported large hardware material and attracted new customers from all over the region, virtually, expanded our product portfolio. At Ileys Enterprises we continue to increase the quality of our product such as detergent powder, hardware material and foodstuff company, to meet the highest standards, internal fulfillment, and the expectations of our customers. These developments, which helped created numerous jobs and provided a solid foundation for the Enterprises future.

Finally I would like to express my gratitude to you, our customers, employees, and partners for your promise, faithfulness, steadiness, consistency and sustained support. We assure you that Ileys Enterprises will continue to provide high quality, efficient, reliable, and dependable hardware material.

Our Statement of business practice and the way we work defines out company’s business principles. Our high standard business ethics which are mainly Halaal and Sharia based are evenly applied in our dealings with our Customers, Agents, Contractors, Employees, Suppliers and Others.