About Us

ILEYS known as “ILAYS” Contains Two Main Projects

  • Ileys Enterprises: General trading, Building Material
  • Ileys Detergent and industrial Corporations (IDICO): For Detergent and Cleaning

ILEYS Enterprises is privately owned company with Shareholders base is a registered Enterprise.

This company is run by Board of Directors (BOD) whose members are also the shareholders of the company. A chairman, who is appointed by the BOD, has the overall responsibility for day to day management of operations of the company.

It has a significant presence in Horn of Africa. First Enterprises business started since 1993 at Burao the Capital of Togdheer Region.

Ileys Enterprises has now established on various state of Somalia and neighbor state of Africa such as Somaliland, Puntland, Djibouti, Kenya and Ethiopia. The branches of the Company which is presently operational and thriving are:

  • Burao city is the traditional market place for livestock trading which is the main export income earner for Somaliland & Somalia.
  • Hargeisa is the Capital city of Somaliland and road passing to Ethiopia and Djibouti. This is the highly populated city thriving business.
  • Bossaso is a port city which is the main artery of the business in Putland State and lot of areas in the south of Somalia and beyond because of its bustling port an operation which is gate way to Dubai.
  • Djibouti branch of the company is business store with lot of potential and initially making contribution to the overall profitability of the company.
  • Lasanod city which is Capital of Sool Region and major road passing between Somaliland and Punt land State.
  • Nairobi branch  contributing more profit to the company.

Thanks to its unique professionalism that embodies a code of ethics, a committed and farsighted management team and its band of experts in a wide range of ethical business practice allowing with us to gain the respect and trust of our Customers.